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4  24.06.2011

Quick response, low - cost map updates, 2 million free POI : s, easy handling .  .  .

No bluetooth (which is of no consequence to me, however)





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Sorry- have to write in English, I am from Sweden and can´t write well in German.
I have owned a Navigon 70 Easy (Europe) for a few weeks now, and I am very satisfied.
It has car / truck / motorcycle / bike and pedestrian (in cities) navigation. It reacts very quickly, if for any reason you deviate from the route. Without any voice saying "re-calculating" it just shows you the best way from the road you chose, and usually the re-calculated route shows up in just a few single seconds. Impressive.
I have tested the TMC in Sweden, and it works very well. All traffic problems within about 70 km from where I am (and which affect the route I follow) are included.
Inputting new points of inteterst (POI:s) is simple, and you can download a file (freeware) containing over 2 million (!) from the Vavigon site.
I have paid for 2 years of free downloads of fresh maps (one each quarter) for 19.90 Euro, so the navigator will be up-to-date the next two years.
So, why did I not give it five stars, but four?
Because it does not have bluetooth. When drivin in Germany I will have to use another bluetooth device or the phone/microphone I got with my mobile phone to be able to answer phone calls legally. However, I don´t answer phone calls while driving anyhow, so for me it doesn´t matter. But for some people, bluetooth in the navigator is worth a star, so for you -- I deducted one. For me personally, this is a five-star navigator.

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Bitte auf deutsch!

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